Should I build a New PC or just Upgrade it?

Hi guys :) My first time here. So yea, let's get it.

I was wondering if I should Build a new PC or just upgrade it..

My PC:
Processor: Core2Duo E7500 @2.9GHz
Ram: 2gb DDR2 800 (1x2gb) Samsung (mixed brands i think)
MoBo: ECS G31T-M7
Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 8600 GT 256mb 128bit
PSU: Generic 500w
HDD: Samsung 260GB 7200RPM

Should I..
Buy a New PC Build?
If so, I have a budget of $400 + I'll sell this for some dollars.

If so, I have a budget of $200
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  1. What would you do with a new PC or an upgraded one?
  2. Well, I guess enthusiast gaming.

    Playing like..
    Diablo 3
    Max Payne
    GTA V (Saving for that)
    Sleeping Dogs
    and such games on steam, blizz and ubisoft
  3. I think you should get a new system. A core 2 duo just wont cut it.
  4. Can you suggest me a build? AMD and Intel :D around.. 400$
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