Cooler for Phenom II x4 965 BE

So I need an aftermarket cooler for my processor and I'm at a crossroad at what to buy. I was planning on getting the Hyper 212 EVO but money is tight for me. I am planning on overclocking and was wondering if the evo would be the only choice for me, or would there bet a cheaper option that would allow me to get to the 4 GHz range? Like the 212 Plus.
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  1. The difference from the plus to the evo wont gain or lower 1c lol not a big difference if i remember, its the cheapest to get best performance the CM Tx3 and zalman cnps 5x performa are cheaper but are not quite as good and prob wont hit 4ghz
  2. Would I be able to hit 4GHz under the plus?
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    The best u can get is a cooler master hyper 212 evo cooler
    Its a grea cooler which can easily maintain low temps while o.cin
    It can even outperform aio liq coolers like h60,h80 antec 620!,seideon 120m

    And teh best thing is its for 30$

    It gives u power to have a 4.5 o.c. In future
  4. Hi just wondering if the Thermaltake NiC c5 is any good? compaired to the Hyper 212 evo? im looking at getting the thermaltake over the 212
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