[Future Proof] Air Overclocking to 4.4ghz on 3570k or 4670k?

Based on feedback from overclockers on the forums I was able to create an $1100 gaming/video/office build (until i added SSD). I was about to buy and my friend pointed out I might want to jump on the haswell platform for only $40-50 more based on my identical build.

Would being the the haswell platform (with the motherboard in the build) for $50 be a good idea since I can later on put intel's next CPU in it?

Ivy Bridge


Is this a good mobo for future CPUs & video cards?
Is the 620w power supply sufficient for the 4670k haswell?
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    Either build is good the difference between ivy bridge and Haswell is minimal. The PSU is more than enough, Im not a big CoolerMaster fan but that is one of their decent units. Personally for those builds I would go with a Seasonic, XFX or Corsair(non CX).
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