I need help with gtx 780 and 314.22 drivers

i need to mod the inf file on the 314.22 driver to support the 780 can some one send me a link to the modded inf file or tell me how to mod it myself
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  1. What's wrong with the latest drivers?
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    i strongly suggest that you grab the latest nvidia drivers if you don't want bugs but if you have bugs and you want to try to mod the inf, check this post, the guy explain how to do it with a complete tutorial:

    PS: Do that at your own risk, no one is responsible if you burn your card doing that...
  3. The latest WHQL or latest beta driver should work just fine with that card. Is there something specific you are having a problem with that would require the need for a out of date driver?
  4. skyrim runs at like 30 fps with the new drivers for what i have read says the 314.22 is the newest one that works with skyrim well but the only way to have it is to mod the drivers
  5. I find that hard to believe, since it's such an old game, they're likely done fiddling around with bug fixes and optimized code for Skyrim. You likely have an obscure setting enabled that is affecting your performance, like Multisample Transparency Antialiasing, which doesn't work in Skyrim.

    Here's a Skyrim tweak guide:

    If you still want to mod your drivers, the forums have more technical expertise than Tom's Hardware. If you go to any one of the discussions of Nvidia beta drivers, inevitably there will be instructions on how to modify your .inf file, or actual modified .inf files to copy and paste.
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