First PC build under 1200 (AUD)

I am new to the world of PC tech and I am going to build my own i was just wondering what is the best build under 1200. Also i need it in australian dollars.
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  1. What will it be used for?
  2. Sorry about the delayed response but mostly gaming and some school work. This is also my first build.
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    I5 3470
    Asrock z77 extreme 4 motherboard
    Corsair vengeance 8gb 2x 8gb
    Saphire 1120 14 20g oc 2gb HD 7850
    Corsair builders series cx 600w psu
    Nzxt phantom 410
    Western digital 1tb hdd

    (All from amazon a total of £658.48pounds - 1131.56 aud) hoped I helped if you want you could up grade the cpu to the k version so you can over clock
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