MY 2nd Hard Drive SATA doesnt Have a Network Adapter

I have two Hard Drives in one Computer .

-1st Hard Drive have Internet Connection but doesnt have a video card I think
because I cant play games on it.

-2nd Hard Drive I can play High Quality Games, but doesnt have a Internet Connection. I checked the Device Manager to find its Network Adapter but I couldnt find it and Its Local Area Connection doesnt showing up in the bottom right corner.

The 2nd Hard Drive used to have its own computer.I used to play online games and browse internet in it before but it got broked. So I transfer it hard disk to another computer and then that HAPPEN!

The Question is How to make my 2nd Hard Drive to have Internet Connection so I can play online games and browse internet at the same time

Sorry for my bad english. Im from Asia...
Help me pLEase.....
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    It looks as if you are booting off 1st or 2nd hard disk and 2nd hard disk came from different (broken) PC. This windows on second hard disk is missing a lot of device drivers
    Look in device manager for problem devices

    Graphics adapter
    Network card
    Usually need new driver

    Find out what network card you have & download driver when booting from first hard disk version of Windows
    Then reboot from 2nd hard disk load network driver & you should be able to update other drivers

    Mike Barnes
  2. Yes you're right, after I connect the Hard drive There's always a Wizard Device popping up
    I thinks its Sound/audio(High Definition Audio)

    But I cant really install it becase theres always a error showing up when Im installing it
    like you need to browse it or you need a disk??? I dont know any of that stuff..

    In the first Drive I have Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller in my Network Adapter option
    and a Display Adapter need to reinstall (VGA Compatible) it have a yellow exclamation mark.

    What do you mean in "download driver when booting from first hard disk version of Windows??
    Please tell me the full instruction ...
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