Is it okay if I use the Intel i5 3570k stock cooler for gaming t ultra?

I don't want it to overheat.
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  1. As long as you don't overclock it should be fine. Just check your temps during gaming to make sure.

  2. Yes, however if you're overclocking it will overheat.
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    Stock coolers are absolutely fine for gaming. Bottom line is, if you bought it, used the stock cooler and it burnt out - you'd be more than within your rights to get refunded.

    Third party coolers are only necessary when overclocking - basically turning up the speed of your processor higher than its factory settings.

    So yeah, dont worry about, you should be fine :)
  4. Look for that processor
    The stock cooler is sufficient

    But u have an unlocked processor so u ll o.c. In near future so i wud reccomend u to get a hyper 212 evo for 30$ this will lower ur heat from day 1
  5. I had to get an after market cooler since my i5-3570K was getting to low 80s in far cry and bf3 at stock speeds. Now they top out at mid 60s with an evo 212 and at 4.2ghz.
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