Looking for advice on new build gaming pc (budget €1400)

Hello, I'm looking for some advice on different components to chose when building my new gaming computer.

I've been looking around, and am thinking about the following:

Case: Cooler Master CM 690 II
Power supply: 700 Watt Cooler Master (RS-700-ASAB)
CPU: Intel core i5-4670k 3.4ghz
Fans: Either regular air cooling or Corsair Hydro H80i (not sure yet)
Motherboard: ASUS Sabertooth Z87
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB DDR3-1600
Storage: SSD Samsung 840 Series 120GB + Seagate 7200RPM 2TB
GPU: Nvidia GTX770 2GB

I'm wondering if these components would result in a balanced gaming pc, which is capable of running the latest games on highest settings with high fps. Also i'd like it to be somewhat future proof, so titles released in the future will also run smoothly on high quality (Using a 1080p 27" monitor btw).

Also, i'm curious what the O.C. potential would be, and if you guys can help me see some weak spots in the build or help me pick potentially better hardware for my needs.

The biggest questions I have are:
- Will this build be somewhat future proof? (Let's say, if I decide to upgrade it in a few years, by placing another GTX770 for dual GPUs)
- Is it smart to go with the fourth generation intel cpu's or is it better to get a Core i7-3770K for example? (Which means i'll also have to chose a motherboard which may be older, and less compatible in the future?)
- Will 700 Watts be sufficient, even if i might put in a second GTX770 later?
- Same question for the fans, should i go for an air cooled (cheaper) system, or should I spend some more money on for example a Corsair Hydro H80i cooling system?

Thanks for any replies in advance!
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    For the most part, this build will run games like crysis 3 at 60ish fps, so you can expect high end results from the latest games, however the gpu may not be able to keep up with the requirements of games possibly a year or two from now, so be weary.
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