New pc build and windows 7 is not working

I have finished building my first pc and everything in it is working. The problem is trying to install windows 7 onto it. I install it then it goes to starting windows and a few minutes later the windows logo appears this stay for about 5 minutes then the text changes to "setup is updating registry" after 5 minutes of this it goes back to installing windows and is stuck on completing installation even though it has already done this any help would be appreciated in trying to solve this thanks
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  1. It does take some time to install windows, depending on the parts used... wink, wink.
    Try resetting the cmos.
    Also have a look at the bios settings, hard drive mode, boot sequence... and you can try reloading the installation disk.
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    Sounds like you might have an issue with the hard disk. You can let windows scan it for you if you boot off of the windows install disk.

    (Link below.) When it shows you the install button, there should also be a repair option. If you go through the process you will get to a screen that will let you open the console.

    Open the console and run: chkdsk /f <drive letter>

    This post has some screen shots, page 7 has the options I am referring to:
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