Choosing between two budget 1080p monitors (~$120)

With a Newegg promo code, I can get this Acer G246HLAbd (24") for about the same price as this ASUS VS228H-P (21.5").

I'm going to be using this monitor mostly for gaming, and I'll be using it from a desk at all times. I kinda want the larger screen size of the Acer (24" vs 21.5"), but I like the feature set of the Asus (HDMI, headphone jack).

Having a tough time deciding, which one should I get?

Also, are there any 23" monitors around this price point ($130 is the hard maximum)?

Thanks for any input, I appreciate it a lot!
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  1. i would grab the Acer 24" (own a 19" Acer branded monitor for 5+ years no problems so far)

    I also own an ASUS 19" no problems with it (2-3 years) but since the Acer is bigger, i would get it

    PS: i also like Newegg more than Amazon (if i had the same product like 10$ more i would still buy it from newegg, fast service, fast RMA/DOA, fantastic support, etc...)
  2. Anyone else have any input?
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