GTX 690 and Philips 40" 40PFL4707/F7 screen flicker

40" T.V connected via HDMI to GTX 690 (using dvi to HDMI adapter)

This T.V is new and has only been connected to the PC for a week.
Recently the T.V started to flicker slightly and getting thin discolored lines randomly across the screen.
A few times the screen has gone black before reconnecting and displaying the image again.

I'v connected to HDMI 2 (was using HDMI 1) and the issue seems to have gone away, but I wonder if the same could happen to the HDMI 2 connection? (It has been less than an hour connected to HDMI 2)

Would the GTX 690 cause such an issue and possibly damage the T.V?
Or is this a sign of a defect with the T.V?

Any settings I should look at in Windows 7? or the Nvidia control panel?

Suggestions appreciated!

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    Im thinking its just the connector on the tv or possibly refresh rates maybe?
  2. plugged it back into HDMI 1, been working at least 12 hours with no issues.

    Think it was loose connection.
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