Does this all fit together in antec 300 case?

I've tried my best to see that all the parts work together and fit in the case but im still not sure.

Anybody able to confirm they do or do i need to change something?

Edit: and ofcourse, is that a good setup or can i get better for around same price?
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    Yes it would all fit in antec 300

    I reccomend u to get a corsair 300r case much better than antec 300
  2. And that is a good settup
  3. Awesome, well as long as it all works fine ill be staying with the old case :P Maybe ill buy something fancy for Xmas tho :D Thanks for the help again^^
  4. No problem i thot u r buying a new case

    So not a problem

    And for christmas get even better than the 300r ;-)
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