Corsair AX850 vs Seasonic SS-850KM3 X Series

Which one? As simple as that...
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  1. Both are top of the line, as good as a PSU can get. Can't go wrong either way, so price should make the choice.
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  2. Ax is a seasonic - toss a coin or get the better priced one.
    Edit - Jim is a faster typist;-)
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  3. Best answer
    Seasonix X.
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  4. Already on it`s way... Can`t wait!!
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  5. X - Series is awesome.
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  6. One question I've never seen answered - do the Seasonic X/SS series supplies use the SAME cables as the Corsair AX?
    I know they're same platform and both Seasonic made, but "same platform" sometimes have minor little differences....
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