Largest and Best Closed Loop Liquid Cooler?

I am looking for a Liquid Cooler that is closed loop. I heard that the Corsair H100i is a really good one! But I like the custom cooling kits where you can cool multiple parts but I don't want to maintain it with constantly buying distilled water and whatnot.

My question is are there any Closed loop liquid coolers that have expansions for different parts of the motherboard and such or are there any that are made just for Graphics cards or anything besides CPU.

My case is the Haf 932 Blue Edition if that helps any. I will be running an AMD FX-8350 with an overclock of around 4.8ghz. So I would also like to find a liquid cooler that keeps it really cool.

btw this is my first post :3
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  1. The Corsair 100 beat out the Phanteks air cooler by 1/2 degree C .... but it accomplishes that feat with high rpm fans which produce excessive noise. You can change the fans but then ya lose the cooling advantage.,16.html

    However, this performance comes at a cost; noise. At 2600RPM, the H100 isn’t a quiet unit at all and similarly at 2000RPM, it can still be quite intrusive. In terms of performance per noise, high end air coolers from Phanteks, Noctua and Thermalright still reign supreme, contrary to Corsair’s own marketing. Like other ALC units, the H100 relies too much on high RPM fans for its performance when the goal of water cooling is generally for extreme performance at low noise levels.

    Now the H100i does make some acoustic improvements .... so id suggest ya visit youtube and listen to some of the videos to see if it's something you can put up with.

    the Antec 620 / 920 are quieter but as with the other H series coolers, they don't match the performance of the Phanteks, Thermalright Silver Arrow or Noc DH-14q
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  3. patrick47018 said:

    Thanks this helped a lot!
  4. Not a problem, good luck.
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