Overclocking an i5 4670k using stock cooler

I'm wondering what a reasonable range would be to overclock my i5 4670k using the stock cooler until my Phanteks TC12DX arrives

Anyone with any personal experience on this? I have a rather good gaming case with 2 good fans + good ventilation via air pockets throughout
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  1. Haswell's poor overclocking performance coupled with the awful cooling of the stock cooler is a recipe for disaster.

    Don't do it!
  2. What the guy upstairs ^^^ there said.
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    just wait.

    but if you are not the first thing I would do is see if you can undervolt it first. If you can then start bumping up your ratio just a little at a time. keep hwinfo64 running at all times and watch those temps. test at every lvl for temps and do not break 70C till your new cooler comes
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