Corsair Hydro Series H100 or coolermaster v6 gt

from what ive heard water cooling is better than heatsinks but im not really sure. Should I go with the Corsair Hydro Series H100 or the cooler master v6 gt. I will also be overclocking with the asus maximus hero vi with the intel i5 4560k
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    Both are extremely noisy units.....,14.html

    You will note that the "apples and apples" results are:

    Phanteks PH-TC14 - 51.0C
    Corsair H100 - 52.5C
    Themalright Silver Arrow - 52.5C

    The H100 was also tested with it's own TIM on which it was able to lower temps by 2C...but again, that's not "apples and apples" as all the other coolers used same TIM and therefore had a 2C disadvantage.

    So why do the H100 when the cheaper phanteks, Noctua or Silver Arrow do as well or better ? Also note the articles conclusion

    However, this performance comes at a cost; noise. At 2600RPM, the H100 isn’t a quiet unit at all and similarly at 2000RPM, it can still be quite intrusive. In terms of performance per noise, high end air coolers from Phanteks, Noctua and Thermalright still reign supreme, contrary to Corsair’s own marketing. Like other ALC units, the H100 relies too much on high RPM fans for its performance when the goal of water cooling is generally for extreme performance at low noise levels.

    The V6GT is also a noisy beast ....see it compared with the Silver Arrow below

    With both of its 140mm fans connected directly to the computer's power supply and running at full speed, the Silver Arrow turns in amazing performance, edged out by less than 1 degree by the Cooler Master V6 GT. The minimal performance difference here is probably due to the V6 GT's high-speed fans, each of which is rated at 90CFM, as compared to the Silver Arrow's 69CFM fans. It's worth noting here that the V6 GT's fans are quite loud at full speed, whereas the Silver Arrow's fans are very quiet

    With the same fans, the Silver arrow kicks its butt (almost 4C) in an "apples and apples" comparison


    Cooler Master V6 GT 59.5 +3.7
    Prolimatech Super Mega 59.4 +3.6
    Antec Kühler H2O 620 58.7 +2.9
    Thermalright Venomous X 58.0 +2.2
    Thermalright Silver Arrow 55.8 +0.0

    So yes, you can get some nice performance outta those two but at sound levels ya likely won't be willing to live with. For me to take on the risks of adding water to a's gotta be quieter and cooler than air and these two (like all ALC units) simply don't to that.
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