How to get classic start menu to Win8?

I have installed Win 8.1 Preview on my virtual machine. But I am not used to its metro start menu, are there any free tools that can bring classic start menu back to Windows 8?
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    Classic Start 8

    Start Menu 8

    Both FREE ^
  2. Start8 is good too, best one I've tried.

    Start8 costs 5$, but you can always try it for 30 days, or use the ones Blackbird suggested(which are free), Good Luck!
  3. I love start8
  4. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Classic Start 8

    Start Menu 8

    Both FREE ^

    Thank you, I will take a try. I want to pick your reply as best answer, how to do?
  5. Click the Pick as solution tab in my answer.
  6. There's no "pick option" for me. Is that because I am a new member?
  7. Your posting , so you should see one in each answer.

    There's a green check mark on a tab , that states , Pick as the Solution.

    You should be able to see it.
  8. I am sure, there's no "pick as the solution" for me. That's the screenshot:
  9. Strange , because , I can see it in the other answers posted.

    Try signing out then sign back into the forum.

    If not don't worry about it , just glad to help!
  10. Another forum member in the thread helped out.

  11. Thank you for your help. Now it's stated as "Solved" by someone now.
  12. Yes , another member picked it for you.Thanks for posting , stop back if you ever need more assistance.
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