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I want to use a LCD TV 22inches a a monitor . I have a VGA cable . I connected it to my hardware. But how to get the same picture and resolution as i see icons and text seems to be expanded (if i use 1280 x1024) . If i give more resolution then the width of the screen ges reduced and i see there are lot empty spaces in the left and right corners . Please suggest me a correct configuration settings and also if i have to buy or install any other software or any video card inorder to use my LCD TV 22inches as a monitor.
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  1. What's the resolution of your TV?
    You can find out by googling its product number.
  2. Its 1280 x 768 pixels . I want to use the full space of this TV as a monitor but with better readability and crystal clear visiblity. I find expanded pictures and text as of now .
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    1. Make sure the driver for your video card is updated
    2. Experiment with different widescreen resolutions

    It is still possible that there may be some glitches. I have a 42" Samsung TV. There have been 2 computers and 3 graphic cards plugged into it at different times. With some of those, the native 1920x1080 resolution was not possible at all, for others it was possible only for desktop, but not in-game (the screen would go black and game would default to 1280x720), while for the third case even 1920x1080 was possible, but only with some games
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