Really weird program in task manager that slows down my computer. HELP

Okay. So I bought this headset recently. It didn't need a disk, it just installed the drivers automatically. I restarted my pc and tried to play black ops... 5 fps. I closed the game, went to task manager and there was a program called logitech (32 bit)... It was taking up 60-80% of my cpu usage. So I ended the task. For some reason my graphics driver crashed and then restarted... It was fine after that. However, every time I reboot my pc, it's ALWAYS THERE. And it has nothing to do with my logitech headset, I close it and it works fine... I have no logitech programs installed on my pc. WTF IS IT?! Another thing that has been happening, when it's open this doesn't happen, when it's closed, if I go to show hidden icons on the task bar... About 15 task managers come up and then disappear.
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    Looks like you have a virus inside, i sugest you run "MalwareBytes" and see if it picks it up ( this sounds similar to a problem i had a whyle ago and malware fixed it, if that doesnt work try a scan with Avast or spybot, Since diferent software have diferent "virus scaning capabilitis" it could work in others :)
    Hope this helps, Gl.
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