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Old graphics cards with New Haswell Systems? Worth it or not?

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August 5, 2013 2:44:00 AM

Ok so i have a graphics card xfx9600gt 512 which i used to use in my old system which recently stopped working i wanted to know if i can use the same graphics card in a new system which has the following specifications

core i7 4770k(haswell)
asus maximus vi hero
420watts cosair psu
8gb corsair vengence

Q) Can i use an xfx 9600gt in a haswell system?

Q)I mean it would be better to use the 9600gt rather then the processor graphics right?

Q)Is it worth getting an i7 if im using an old graphics card? Am i wasting processing power or something? Even though i might upgrade later on.

Q)If im not getting a good graphics card is it worth it to wait to an i7 haswell ivy bridge?
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August 5, 2013 2:47:08 AM

if you are just gaming and cant get the i7 for a similar price to the i5 4670k then i would save money and get the I5 and use the money saved to get a newer graphics card.

the 9600gt will work ok but for the money difference between an i5 and an i7 you could get a more up to date lo - midrange card that is far better than the 9600gt.
a c 164 U Graphics card
August 5, 2013 3:15:40 AM

@: Yes, it'll work just fine.
@: Depends on what you're doing, for general office work/web surfing the Intel integrated graphics is plenty
@: Again, depends on use, what software you're using, and it's release version but for general home uses the i7 has no benefits over he i5.
@: repeat the question, Haswell and Ivy Bridge are two different generations.
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August 5, 2013 3:30:36 AM

well i just play league alot and play new pc games that come out. Like with my 9600gt i played bio shock infinite on low graphics and it still looked pretty awesome. Not too fussed about graphics as long as i get to play the game. Like ive played almost all the pc games that are out except for crysis 3 which supported the new direct x.

I had initially decided to go with the i5 4670k and get a gtx650ti but thought that if i could use my old graphics card i would be able to afford the i7 4770k.

Q)If i get a gtx650ti will a 430 watt psu be enough?
Q) Can i crossfire a gtx650ti and a 9600gt?
Q) I was talking about the following haswell ivy bridge
The haswell ivy bridge will be almost the same price as the i7 4770k. The ivy will use more power and performs a bit less than the current haswells. How will the ivy be for graphics?
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August 5, 2013 3:37:28 AM

if you are just gaming then get the i5 4670k and get an AMD 7770 its 20% faster than a 650ti for the same price, it will be a better combination for your money.
August 5, 2013 3:44:05 AM

mauller07 said:
if you are just gaming then get the i5 4670k and the 650ti or even an AMD 7770 its 20% faster for the same price in most cases, it will be a better combination for your money.

OK! Thanks man i had initially thought this also but i just wanted to see other possibilities.

Best solution

a c 164 U Graphics card
August 5, 2013 3:49:18 AM

@: The 430Watt PSU will handle an i5/i7 and GTX650 but overclocking will be...Unwise.
@: Nvidia use SLI, AMD Crossfire, but no, you cannot mix cards of different generations as renderers. It would be possible to use the GTX650 as a renderer with the 9600 for PhysX though.
@: Again, you're mixing Haswell with Ivy Bridge but there's not a great deal of difference between them, just get whichever is cheapest.

I'll suggest you look at an i5 rather than an i7 and go for the GTX650.
Bear in mind, the PSU is quite weak, if you go for a 'K' CPU and plan on overclocking it or decide on a stronger graphics card, a better PSU will be needed.
August 5, 2013 3:50:19 AM

You should keep money for a better gpu.That means you should buy a less-expensive CPU.
August 5, 2013 3:54:19 AM

Thanks guys.Appreciate the help!
a b U Graphics card
August 5, 2013 4:30:59 AM

the AMD 7770 would be the better card to get thant the 650ti for the same price.