Cannot access BIOS- really strugglin here-ASUS mobo

OK so ive read just about every thread i can find on this and nothing has helped. Basically, USB or PS2 keyboards have NO effect when pressing DEL (number pad DEL doesnt work either) or TAB or any F1-F12 keys during startup (ive probly restarted 50+times button mashing everything). ignoring everything i do, it boots the OS. Ive tryed updating the BIOS via internet but the update from ASUS 's website is in a .ROM file and ive tryed quite a few ways to install the update but so far i cant get it to install. ASUS's Update tool hasnt helped either. im not EXACTLY sure what the exact motherboard model is, but its an intel board that loads with a "Republic of Gamers" logo and then followed up by "Rampage Formula" its roughly 5-8 years old ( was my dads) . anyway, Im trying to REinstall an OS but cant access bios. not sure what the USB legacy keyboard settings are (in BIOS)but since im using a PS2 keyboard, it shouldnt matter. and i know all my keyboards work 100% perfectly (i have 3 of them and ive tested them all on different PC's). i also dont know if the computer is set to fast boot. if it was, i dont know how to unset this as i cant access bios.

also not sure how relevant this is, but after installing the supposed BIOS updates that never helped, my wireless internet (PCI) adapter connects but gives me "no internet access" this happens with a wired connection as well. ive updated the drivers for it. no effect. messed around with tons of settings. no effect. im just scratching my head with no ideas left and hopefully theres a genius out there who can help. i apologize in advance for the potential unorganized structure of this note. this is my first time posting on a PC help website of any kind. i just finished building a completely separate gaming PC (my 3rd PC ive built) and i have a decent general knowledge on how these things are supposed to work so i will hopefully be able to try anything you guys tell me.
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    Try clearing the CMOS (unplug the power cord and remove the CMOS battery for few minutes). At startup, it should wait for F1.
  2. Thank you sir! I learn something new everyday.
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