control panel/windows update screen is blank

When I go to control panel/windows update section there is nothing showing on screen like things are missing. There are a few graphic pics but that's it. Before this happen I had many virus and malware that I removed at the time. Could the remove of some of these virus cause a problem? Does anybody know how to get the windows update back to normal? Please help you can. Thanks!
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    The virus/malware likely caused inability to access windows update ( If you are using a genuine copy)

    Generally the best idea is to nuke the OS and reinstall fresh (if you do not have clean backups, system restore points do not count)

    If you are absolutely sure you got every single bit of the malware removed from the system (just how sure are you?) you could attempt to run the system file checker utility and see if it fixes your issues.

    Get to an elevated command prompt (click start, type cmd, press ctrl-shift-enter together or rightclick command prompt and run as admin)
    At the elevated command prompt type sfc /scannow
    This will check the integrity of all of your protected system files. If it finds any problems it will attempt to replace them with the correct file.
  2. Actually the system file checker was my next thing on my list or just going with a fresh install. Thanks for info.
  3. I miss typed the command in my above post
    You want to type
    sfc /scannow

    I put the / in the wrong place.
    I have since edited my first post to reflect this.

    Good luck
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