[XFX 5670 1GB] High Temperatures (90-100 'C) while playing

This GPU exactly after 3 years of use gets extremely high temperatures while playing video games.
I tried replacing the thermal paste (the factory paste was solid, not liquid) but I had no results.
I applied the thermal paste by adding a dod in the centre of the GPU card.

1) What's the right way of applying thermal paste to the GPU?
2) What's the best thermal paste for GPUs?
3) What's the most common normal temperature while idle (0% Activity)?
4) What's the most common normal temperature on full load?
5) Should I replace my GPU?
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    3. It depends on the GPU's brand and model, but roughly 30-35C.

    4. 70-95C.

    5. The GPU can handle that much of heat generally. But it is safe to keep the temps between 90-95C so that it could last long. Replacing the GPU is solely upto you. But there is a fear if the GPU fries it may took the MB with it.
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