Which is the best 2 of the 2 way sli GTX 770,2 of 2 way SLI GTX 690s,or a AMD Radeon HD 7990?This is gaming wise though.

I'm wondering which is the best for gaming i'm thinking on getting the AMD one.By the way im wondering which will last and won't burn out and which will last for the Ultra settings.BTW the type of GPU i wanna find is good for all types of game but i'm mainly gonna play the games i'm gonna list right now Battlefield 3,battlefield 4,Tomb Raider (2012),GTA V,Batman Trilogy Games,Crysis3,and if there is a new crysis thats gonna come out,And many more.Basiclly i want find a GPU that will last ultra settings like i said one thats good for the new latest games and games that are about to come out and games that are gonna come out in the future.
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    If your using a single 1920X1080 display you would be fine with a single 7970, 770, 780, 680. I would go SLI right now if you are using multiple displays or anything 2560X1440 and higher. Dual 7970s aren't a bad deal right now that AMD released it's latest drivers which fix their crossfire issues.
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