How to recover Windows 7 from a dead hard drive

Does anyone know how to recover Windows 7 from a dead hard drive? My hard drive just died on me and I ordered a new hard drive to replace it. But I don't know how to recover Windows 7 from my previous hard drive..
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  1. Just install it on the new hdd.
  2. It is a HP laptop. I don't have WIndows 7 CD
  3. windows would be on a partition on the old hard drive. You can try to contact hp and see if they will send you a disc. It would be cheaper to buy a disc than what it would take to recover the dead hd. There are companies that will do it but with a hefty price tag.
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    google for "{your model# here} disc image" or 'recovery disks'; that you could download but triple check it for viruses & the like. HP charges $10 for theirs.

    You were supposed to make yours when you setup the laptop, are you sure that you don't have the disks somewhere?

    I always do this for my customers and include them in the box, so if someone set this up for you and gave it to you as gift, check the box it came in. You might get lucky.
  5. It depends on how "dead" your hard drive is. What error do you see when you try to boot up?

    For example if the drive is dead due to bad sectors it would be worth attempting to image the drive onto a new drive.

    If you can get an image of the Recovery Partition then tap the F11 key on power up it should bring you into the HP Recovery Manager. And from there you can do a factory reset to reinstall Win7.
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