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So this has been going on for a while but as of recently it has gotten a lot worse. When this first happened, my computer would boot up and skype would not work. It would just pop up with a box that says Skype has stopped working. Now it's sometimes my chrome, spotify and sometimes my audio device just has the 'x' on the speaker icon. So usually i would have to just keep rebooting it til all the programs work (usually after 3 boots). I have looked into the hardware side of things; graphics card seems to be working fine, power supply is new. I suspected faulty ram but after running the memtest86, it came up with 0 zeros. I do know that my windows may have some corrupt files but do not think that it is the cause.

What would possibly be causing this? I will be reformatting soon but i would like to know if it could be something else (hardware part), just so i can replace the part and have a fresh windows and a fully functioning computer.
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    Can you run the programs manually after the computer boots up? If so, there is most likely something in your startup that is preventing these from loading properly.

    Check your event viewer for errors and possible solutions.
  2. I recommend that you try to check with the program provider.
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