Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU? (i3 530 at 3.52, gtx 760).

Hello! I have a i3 530 overclocked to 3.52 gHz, and a brand new gtx 760 i got 2 days ago. I noticed that in games my gpu is at 45-60% under load, and frames drop alot. V-sync is turned off, soo it can't be that. Also my CPU is NOT at 100% during very demanding games. Could it be that something is wrong with the settings in control panel or that my cpu is bottlenecking.

Here is my full build:

MB is Gigabyte P55-UD3L rev 2.3 with socket 1156,
Processor is Intel I3 530, at 2,93ghz, overclocked to 3,52ghz,
Memory is Kingston HyperX 8 gig's at 1600mhz,
I only have one GPU and it's the MSI GTX 760 (factory OC),
PSU is the Cooler Master Extreme Power 460w,
I don't have any extra fans or anything that could consume more Power.
HDD is Hitachi at 7200, 500 gig's.
I have no SSD.
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  1. Its seems that you have a low- end cpu that is bottlenecking or maybe your Psu is not enough in place of Gtx 760 {msi Good choice}

    here you see its req.

    it need to be a 500watt psu

    for another ques ask again

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    You would experience a boost if you upgraded processors. It is bottlenecking, but I am not sure how bad. Even if you were to upgrade to a modern i3 you would get quite a boost. Going to an old i7 that would fit your motherboard or going with a modern quad core from either AMD or Intel would give you a much bigger boost. Though the old i7 is just a little better than modern i3s.

    As for your PSU, I highly doubt it is being a problem. The 460w is plenty. It recommends 500w, but PC's use a lot less power than it actually says. It says it needs up to a 500w PSU to help avoid people trying to use too low watt and thinking the card is bad. The small bit of 40 watts will make practically no difference.
    If your power supply is limiting the card at all, its because it does not support 30 amps like the card wants. If you check the side of the PSU it will say, but since you have been fine so far you probably are fine.
    If it comes even close to 30 amps on the 12v rail then you are completely fine on the PSU.
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