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So I'm currently looking to upgrade from my Phenom 965. My GPUs are getting decently bottlenecked (crossfire 6850's) at about 65% GPU useage average. So I'd like to keep my board and just upgrade the CPU. All common AMD chipsets fit my board. My personal choices are the FX-6300 or the FX- 8320. Any opinions? No Intel offerings please.
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  1. get the amd 8320 it wud be best for u and will give u a good perfrmance upgrade as it 8 cores would help

    u can later o.c. it to match 8350 and even more by just 30$ cm hyper 212 evo
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    Well the 8320 is a better overall processor, so if you can afford it, grab that. The 6300 is also a very good budget processor, but it may need a little overclocking to keep up. Which ever one you do get, make sure you overclock. The FX series overclocks extremely well, so you can just slap on an aftermarket cooling solution and have at it.
  3. ^Agree with the guy above. Also you can just buy the 6300 instead and overclock it. I mean the difference between the 8320 and the 6300 in gaming is very less and the 6300 is a very good CPU for the price and is sure to be good with future games. So get the 6300 if you are on budget, otherwise get the 8320.
  4. The FX6300 is well priced and that is what makes it a popular choice all round and that it can be overclocked like all FX parts make it even more apealing at the price point.
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