Quiet 92mm replacement for AMD Phenom II X4 955 stock fan?

My computer has a AMD Phenom II X4 955 processor and I am using the stock fan that came with it, which is excruciatingly loud.

A 120mm fan won't fit in my case, I was wondering if people could suggest a decent, cheap and quiet 92mm fan?
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  1. I would suggest one of these from Noctua:

    I have a couple of these in different systems and they are whisper quiet and built to last. You pay a little more, but the quality is up there with the best.

    If too expensive, consider one of these (also a very good fan):
  2. I would recommend that you just replace the whole heatsink with a Hyper 212 Evo if you have a more than 159mm clearance from socket to side/top of case, will keep your cpu a lot cooler. I use the older model Hyper 212 Plus on PH-II x4-840 in my home server and even under heavy load can't hear it above the hdd's.

    What case are you using so know what we can recommended.
  3. I can get a new heatsink, but the Hyper 212 is too large. My limit in height is 100mm.
  4. What case are you using now?
  5. ThermalTake LanBox.
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