First timer - building my computer parts by parts -

Im not planning on having to upgrade in the next 4-6 years. Just wanna get some thought on this build please, thankyou.

Case - Cooler master rc-932 full tower.

CPU - Intel i7 extreme edition i7-3970x

Water cooling system - cooler master seidon 240mm.

Motherboard - Asus rampage IV extreme.

Power supply - Corsair pro series AX 1200 watt.

Graphic card - 6GB amd radeon hd 7990.

Memory/Ram - 16Gb corsair dominator platinum 1600 mhz 2x8
( gona upgrade to 8x8 down the road)

Hard Drive ssd - samsung 840 pro series 256GB ( for games, i already have 2Tb for windows and other stuff)

Keyboard and mouse - idk...any combo under100 is more then welcome.

My mind is retty much set, but for the CASE - WAER COOLING SYSTEM -
HARD DRIVE SSD - im still thinking.
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  1. your rich
    nice build
  2. for the mouse and keyboard somethi9ng i like for gaming is the Razer Lycosa matte edition and the madcatz rat 5.... thats around 170 total but its a great combo
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    Overkill dawg... the build is extreme but are you gonna overclock it? like everything? My experience? I have a 6 year old PC not all that great but I can play games from nowadays at medium or low I dont even complain much.. I think a $1000 - $1500 is good enough for like 4-6 years maybe you gotta swap GPU one or twice depend your needs since GPU is the most important thing for gaming
  4. those 7990s get hot so yo might wan t to get a water cooled version of them ... maybe you should get 2 titans for max performance
  5. awsome thanks. im not rich :p this is gona hurt my wallet prett hard. Some thought for the case + cooling system for ( CPU+graphic card) . maybe a case that comes with a cooling system for both part....idk, i only have a water cooling system for the cpu but dont know if its worthtit or not. im not overclocking so idk..
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