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I'm wondering if this graphics card is good enough to handle a dual display and also if 2 monitors can be hooked up to this. Basically, wondering if I can use the VGA and DVI or VGA and HDMI connections simultaneously?

It is NOT for gaming. It is just for work purposes and it is easier for my friend to have 2 screens instead of switching back and forth. This will not be used for heavy gaming with the exception of maybe solitare or something simple. Here is the link:
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    that card will be able to cope no problem :)

    Source: I have one myself xD It can game quite well on low settings anyway, and streams HD video without any struggle! I use mine for dual-display also! It's a great value card B-)
  2. Yes this card will do dual displays. It might not do dual with DVI and HDMI simultaneously, but the two that you mentioned will work fine. If you use the low profile bracket theres only DVI and HDMI.
  3. weird double post
  4. It will support two displays, but that's it. This thread is relevant to what you are doing:

    For what you are doing, it will be fine. Modern integrated graphics would work as well.
  5. Thanks. I wasn't sure if I had to get a dual display card, with 2 sets of DVI ports or if this would suffice. Thanks
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