1866 ram downgrading to 1600 Do timings change, too?


Tomorrow I'm getting these parts:

Ram: 2x Crucial 4GB DDR3 Ballistix DIMM 240pin, DDR3-1866, PC3-14900, 1.5V, Unbuffered NON-ECC, 512Meg x 64, CL-10-10-10-30

Motherboard: Asrock H87 Pro4

Cpu: E3-1230V3

Now I've noticed that motherboard will automatically downgrade ram to 1600 (according to their site

Well, I realise that I could have saved around 7-8$ but it's too late now so whatever.

The question is, since ram speed is higher than one that motherboard supports, Will latency tighten automatically or do I need to do something? I realise that performance boost would be minimal, but hey, why not use it if it's there... :)

And if I wasn't clear, let me explain it in this way: Will my ram work as (1600 CL-10-10-10-30) instead of (1866 CL-10-10-10-30) or will it work like (1600 CL-9-9-9-27) and can I do anything about it if it does not tighten the latency?

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    Your board will have manual settings you can adjust.

    It will depend on that they programmed into the memory spd chip. Some will auto tighten the timings because the chip will list those specs, others will not.

    In the end, you can always tweak it.

    Sometimes you will get lucky and even be able to go better than 9-9-9-xx

    I had a gigabyte board the tightened up the timings quite a bit on some memory.
  2. the motherboard should have ram speed settings and ram timing settings in the bios that you should manually set when you first build the system. The Ram will run at the 1600 Mhz speed and should be able to have the timings tightened to the 9-9-9-27 and work fine. If it does not set the ram automatically then set it manually as it should be done to start with.
  3. Sorry double post :fou:
  4. Thank you,

    Last thing (probably stupid haha) I would like to know is: How do I know if I tighten them too much? I mean, it's obvious that if I can't boot pc i went too far. But if I do boot pc, do I need to run memory tests or does it work as long as pc successfully boots?

    EDIT: Looks like I need to do memtest, oh well, not a big problem. :P
  5. Yes, memtest86+ is what you use to check. If you go just a bit too far, Windows may install and work with some random blue screen errors from time to time.
  6. Hi again,

    Decided to leave this comment if someone gets same problem as me or just buy same ram as I did.

    I managed to tighten ram to 1600 CL-8-9-8-24. I guess it's not too bad. :P
  7. What ram did you buy? I picked up the 1866 Ares 2X4GB kit and was extremely happy with it. Thank you Asus for the Mem OK button. made booting into the Bios extremely easy.
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