Installed second Hard drive and caused issues.

Hey guys.

So I maxed out my 250gig HD and wanted more space. I took a hard drive out of an old computer and installed it in mine. I started it up and it said "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

Assuming that my computer took the second hard drive as primary I rebooted and went into the boot menu but it was secondary. So then I proceeded to turn off my computer and take out the second hard drive. When I turned my computer back on I received the same message. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    check the connection on the first.
  2. Hello... you can change the order of your boot devices in your BIO's by using your NUMPAD PgUp/PgDn or arrow keys... high light the drive, on the proper BIO's screen, and use the keys suggested... to eliminate your boot up problem.
  3. Haha alittle embarrassing but it was unplugged when I pulled it to check the serial. But to keep this going. When I have both fully plugged in it doesn't boot with my primary. Instead the dell logo comes up and says no boot device detected. (Old computer was a dell. I built the one I'm using now.) any fixes for this?
  4. do what Ironsounds said. Go into bios and change the boot seq
  5. Thank you guys for the fast answers. I'm still learning most of this stuff. Formatted it and it now works. Thanks again for everything guys!
  6. I could only select one person for answered but I would also like to thank ironsounds for his answer.
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