Toshiba Black screen problem/win 7 question

I have a Toshiba NB505-N500BL
It starts up, loads to the windows loading screen and then after loading it goes to a black screen with a mouse pointer...
I've tried several solutions I've looked up online such as taking off the battery and trying to reinstall from a hidden partition which looks like it's supposed to be there, but doesn't work (it asks what system then goes into loading files. Take me to the same black screen but the mouse pointer indicates something is loading for a few seconds and then nothing)

I don't think there is anything more I can do without re-installing, but I would prefer not having to.

The only reason I want to fix this netbook is so i can use it to show my grandpa a 2 sites to get refurbished PCs so we can replace a virus laden 10 year old PC and since I'm trying to save money it wouldn't be very intelligent for me to spend it on a new OS or taking this to somewhere that would charge $50 to fix it.

So... I have a copy of Win7 lying around. It's supposed to be the builder's license version of Win7 pro or something like that... the netbook has win7 starter... Could I perhaps use that disk to reinstall win7 and use the key on the netbook? Or would it be possible to use the win7 disk to access the netbook partitions, delete the main partition and then hope that the recovery partition works?
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    Create a Parted Magic boot CD and run a disk diagnostic. No joke, I just got done working on a Toshiba with a bad HDD, the third one I had to work on.
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