Are Toshiba Hard Disks reliable ?

I read on wiki that Toshiba is criticised for planned obsolescence and also read that well Japanes companies have this tendency to manufacture products (especially regarding cars) that although work but will have to change it in the near future with newer ones.
For example the roadworthiness inspections in Japan make it costly to keep older cars which (afterall) influences people to buy new vehicles.

Ok i just got paranoid over a few wiki articles and yes most of the companies want to manufacture products that will eventually need replacement in the near future but i saw this Toshiba Hard disk with 500GB and a 32MB buffer for just 63 dollars and i was wondering if the Toshiba hard drives are reliable enough.
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    Let me put it this way, no hard drive are "safe" for data storage.

    I personally had better luck with western digital black drives.
    When you pay low price you get what you paid for.
    I repair laptop and desktop for a living and toshiba Hard drive are in the worst, in my experience.
  2. They are a "three star" drive. They could definitely be worse, but they aren't that great. Your money would be better spent on a WD Caviar Black or a Seagate Barracuda, both of which I have had great success with.
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