Looking for a Large Multi-Game Gaming Community

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good large multi-game gaming communities out there?

Pretty much I am looking for more of a "community" instead of a clan. I don't have time for clan meetings, rank structures etc and I just want to join a large community that is very active.

I am looking for a community that has a website, Teamspeak/Vent, maybe some servers, but most importantly large and very active.

As far as the games go, it would be great if it had a Teamspeak/Vent server where you just connect and it has a ton of different game channels with a ton of people playing. Mainly everything from FPS to MMO.

If anyone knows of any good communities like this please let me know
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    A good place to start would be on steam, not steam itself but its groups feature. The largest group has over 1 million members with specific games having 500k members. A generic group spanning games, lotus, has 300k members. They all have websites and TS for the most part. There are on average 15k people in game at one time in lotus, with alot more in other groups. You Just browse via user count.
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