High RAM and CPU usage then BSOD

Hey guys , i have an HP pc
AMD Phenom II X4 820 @2.8 GHz
8GB of ram
Integrated Geforce 9100 256MB dedicated (overheats a lot)
ESET Smart Security

sometimes when i turn on my computer it stucks suddenly and stays for a while and BSOD comes on . one day i opened the Task manager and realized that when this thing happens , CPU usage goes to 100% and RAM usage keeps going up until it reaches 8GB and stuck or BSOD comes.

now that started to happen a lot and today my PC never started properly .

please help me. if you want any info that i can provide please tell me

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    grab ccleaner and run the file and then the registry cleane multiple times till it finds no errors.

    also what programs does it say are using the cpu the most on process tab of task manager.
  2. I forget to say that when both RAM and CPU usage are high , Task manager doesn't show anything that uses a lot of CPU or RAM , ( just like when it works properly ) , i tried to look for anything that uses high RAM and CPU nothing is found.
  3. ok uninstall eset and reinstall it and see if it helps, it could have corrupt during an update.
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