connected asus gforce 9800 gx2 and now pc wont turn on

hi there, i recently brought a 9800 gx2 for cheap but wanted to try it in my pc to see if it actually works. ive got a asus maximus v gene mobo and a tx750m power supply. so i connected it up but the graphics card requires a 8 pin and a 6 pin, i only connected the 6 pin. powered the pc up and it didnt turn on but i heard a little sound on the power supply and say a little spark. Me thinking the power supply dont work any more, i want a got a new one. got the CX750m, connected everything up with my normal cards (2x 6870s (CF), PC still dont turn on. What is the problem. Plz HELP
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    It's possible you destroyed your motherboard or cpu when you saw the spark. Does the motherboard show any signs of power?

    You might want to try these steps:
  2. the spark was in the power supply and yeah the mobo does show signs of power as the lights on the board power up
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