Headphones volume is turned all the way down, however I can still hear audio?

I recently purchased Plantronics .Audio 355

I am having an issue with the volume. There's a volume adjuster on my headset, but when I turn it all the way down, I can still hear sound? The only way to completely get rid of the sound is by turning it all the way down in the volume control options. I'm wanting to be able to adjust the volume FULLY with my headset itself. (sync issue? not sure)

I've been searching around the internet but haven't found anything. Hopefully one of you can be some help. Thanks!
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  1. Still needing help!
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    The volume control on the .Audio 355 is not intended to be able to completely mute the sound. The only mute feature on the headset is for the microphone. The volume control can only reduce the volume. If your computer sends a strong enough signal, you will still hear the sound even with the volume turned all the way down. How much you still hear depends on the volume settings on your computer.
  3. Is it possible to fix the headset so that the volume on the headset would have full control?
  4. If you have soldering skills, yes. you can do this.
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