Ivy Bridge and haswell

this isn't really a question but,

i know that the haswell chips do not fit into the lga 1155 socket, but has anyone attempted fitting a lga 1150 into a 1155 because i looked closely into the two sockets and i see no difference, the triangles the same, the form of it is the same, i don't see a difference socket wise, has anyone physically tried putting a 1150 into a 1155?
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  1. Sorry most people don't have that type of $ to throw away on burning up processor.
  2. Nope.

    Not compatible either way.
  3. There is more a structural and functional differences in the sockets
  4. Okay but how do they function differently? I understand that haswell chips are faster but is it really the upgrade? Because from my guess, overclocking a ivy bridge will beat the haswell
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    At the same clockspeed Haswell is about 6% - 10% faster than Ivy Bridge depending on who you ask.

    Is it worth upgrading from Ivy Bridge? Not really.
  6. Alright understood,

    Last question, will all south bridge heat sink fans work with the z87 motherboard, I ask because I found a msi gd-65 for 75% off with 2-3 bent CPU socket and a missing southbridge card the pins are no problem but idk about the southbridge card. If not all work with south bridge I need to see one to purchase if available.
  7. Yes there is no difference in socket hole
    Their measurements are the same

    Even a 1156 socket heatsink would be compatible
  8. interesting. thanks everyone for an answer.
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