Why is my internet speed so slow compared to other devices on my network?

I have a 40 Mbps fiber optic internet, on my device only the download speed is 10 Mbps and upload speed is only 0.25 Mbps,
Why is that? How can I improve it?
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  1. Talk to your ISP
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    I would start with a nice malware scan, preferably from safemode. Next, look up the specs on whatever you are connecting with (wireless adapter or ethernet port). Make sure that it doesn't have some low specs that would bottleneck your connection. After that, try your speed test early in the morning (like 2:00AM). I am supposed to have a 40Mb connection at my apartment, but I am lucky to get 10% of that during peak hours. I have gotten it up to 38Mb in the morning.

    EDIT: Trying it in the morning is sort of a crap shot.
  3. JackNaylorPE said:
    Talk to your ISP

  4. How are you measuring your speed? Speed tests are not always accurate.
  5. So you're saying that other devices on the same network are working just fine? It's just this one that is slow?

    First off hardwire a computer directly to the modem and run a speestest and make sure you're getting what you're paying for. If that doesn't check out, then yes contact your ISP.

    If it does check out, hardwire a computer to the router by itself and see if you're still getting the full speed.

    You kind of need to provide more/better details. What modem do you have? Router? What exactly are the devices you're referencing? How far away are you with the slow device? Is this wireless or hardwired?
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