Whats a good GPU good for big AAA games?What does AAA games Mean?

Whats a good GPU that good for big AAA Games like battlefield 4,Battlefield 3,Tomb Raider,Batman Trilogy,Assasins Creed Series,Far Cry 3,And many more.Basiclly whats a good GPU good for all types of games?whats a good GPU that the ultra settings will last,A Good GPU that won't overheat a lot and won't burn out.I'm mainly gonna be playing FPS,Thirdperson games,RPG games (Which fall in both FPS and Thirdperson slots),And a small amount of MMORPG (League of lengends,And Dota 2.I'm a BIG GAMER and i'm switching to PC i'm gonna build a gaming PC and i'm gonna play mostly all types of games and i'm trying to learn all i can for a PC.
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  2. Budget? The rest of your system including power supply wattage, make and model?

    You want high end you are talking about a GTX 770 or 780 from Nvidia or an HD 7970 from AMD. Assuming the rest of your system measures up.
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