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  1. You are spending a lot of funds wheres the SSD drive at for your main? If I was you I would add at least a 256 gig SSD DRIVE FOR YOUR OS WINDOWS and watch your system fly use the other hard drive for files and programs. Please select the best possible solution to your question thanks.
  2. Build A = Expensive Build
    Build B = Cheaper Builder

    The difference is not much, Build A motherboard has 10 6GB/s Sata ports where as Build B has only 6. Otherboard than that is the processor support for each. Build A has a newer processor - the Haswell line. Performance difference is very little - not enough for the money. However I believe Intel will be using the Build A socket in newer processors, so if you think you are going to upgrade in the future, go for Build A.

    For more performance I would suggest an SSD to install your OS on to.
  3. i might get a ssd later but not in the initial build (to save money to buy games)
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    Are you dead set on your build? and best buy is not your friend newegg has some of the best prices around and theres better prices then the mem you choose for your builds once you have had a SSD YOU WONT GO BACK THE 770 IS A WASTE OF MONEY THE 760 IS A BETTER BUY ITS LIKE A CAR NEVER BUY THE newest one and the motherboard you choose is one of the most exspensive ones out there there are better options to save money and still have the same performance.
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