E8500 bottle neck GTX 760?

My machine is old and I am so far out of the game I'm not sure I want to overclock. Will my e8500 just bottleneck a gtx760 so bad its not worth it? I have an ATI 6800 series video card. I'm just playing Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn not FPS games. I mainly just want to run 3d as I have the monitor for it.

xfx 780i Mobo
8 GIGS Corsair DDR2 4-4-4-12

I do have the CPU water cooled so I could overclock it but not sure if that will help.
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    3D is out of reach really, you need an overclocked system to handle it. I had a 670 and locked i5 and performance was pretty abysmal, remember 3D cuts framerate in half. It will work in games that are very GPU dependent, but any game that takes any real CPU work isn't going to perform well.

    If you are going for 3D, you'll need a new CPU to get enjoyable performance.
  2. Yes it will botteneck
  3. I thought so, thank you very much.
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