What's the near best AMD board I could get for over locking. SLI/Crossfire isn't a priority

A single PCI-E 16x wouldn't be a reason to reject a board IMO since I like single GPU a lot more. I'd be willing to spend $150 maybe a bit more.

I have a 7970 GHz edition card, a 8350, and 8 GB of 1600 RAM with a 650w PSU.
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    If you are willing to sped a bit more I highly recommend the Extreme9
  2. Asrock is as good as ASUS?
  3. Me and all my friends swear by ASRock, they are really high quality products, and yes I would say that they are just as good as ASUS
  4. The price seems a high which I'm assuming is due to have 3 way sli capabilities. Anything that would only have two or one pci-e 16x which would drop the price not the quality. I do plan on a 4.4 OC on the 8350 and a OC on the GPU a year or two down the road.
  5. If you want a more budget friendly option you could go with this,
  6. It's good, but is just as much as the Extreme9, if you are a fan of ASUS and want as ASUS then that is a really good choice
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