Trying to set up privileges on Netgear Router Readyshare

Hi all as the title says I have a Netgear WNDR 4300 and im trying to set up my readyshare. I have a seagate 1tb drive in the usb port that I'm trying to share. My problem is I want to have read/write privileges and everyone else to have read privileges. I of course went to read the manual here and it has instructions on how to set it up, but I don't have the options it says. These are all I have http:// http://

Also I know there is a Netgear forum but the site seems to be down. Thanks for anyhelp

Edit: The Netgear site is back up here is the link to what I posted over there
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    Nevermind I went through my internet browser using my default gateway and that worked. It probably said this in the manual but who reads those haha :p
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