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Alright so i've recently bought bf3 and i'm having a bit of a problem with aiming. It's not all that bad but it's still a bit annoying. Alright so essentially when I aim it's not very smooth. It seem kind of blocky or choppy. I've got the game on medium settings running at around 60-70 fps avg. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like this or not. I've seen some videos on youtube where it is way worst than my situation but it's not as bad. I know it's not a ping issue because it even happens when my ping is low. I'm having a feeling it could possibly be my mouse. I'm currently using a stock hp mouse that I had with my old computer and that's why i'm wondering if that could be the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  1. Is this on multiplayer, single player or both?
  2. This is on the multiplayer. I'm not sure about singleplayer because I don't really play it but I could try.
  3. Yuuup I tried it in campaign and it still does it. It's not as bad when I move the mouse fast but when i'm trying to do slow precise movements that's when it's worst. (like sniping) and this also kind of happens in Call of Duty 4 and MW2.
  4. DrumWorkshop said:
    Yuuup I tried it in campaign and it still does it. It's not as bad when I move the mouse fast but when i'm trying to do slow precise movements that's when it's worst. (like sniping) and this also kind of happens in Call of Duty 4 and MW2.

    Please make sure you are using the latest video card drivers for you GPU as well as the latest motherboard drivers. Make sure your A.V. (AVG) is not scanning in the background while playing.

    Is your AVG free? Do you have malwarebytes installed? There might be a mallacious or otherwise harmful virus on your pc influencing performance.

    A few Quick suggestions I will start with (if it's not one of them we will try something else)

    1. Lower the graphics settings to Medium or low and see if the problem still occurs.

    (Should not be the problem since you are running high fps but let's just see anyway)

    2. Test this on the internet and see if the mouse is not so responsive on browsing, exploring the desktop/ your files.

    3. Use a different mouse as a test subject (I would even suggest just using your really old one with the PS/2 connector) test this mouse in both games that are having this problem.

    4. If the old mouse is the same, I would suggest looking into the surface you are using the mouse on.

    i.e. is it a pillow, blanket, couch, glass table, wooden table ect.
    As a rule glass,pillows, blankets are less responsive due to the inconsistant surfacing (you would argue that glass is indeed responsive but this rule is only true for some optical mice) Most laser mice are very unresponsive and I would suggest a book, paper or preferably a mouse pad instead of just on the glass.

    If it's not the surface fiddle with sensitivity settings, unfortunately since it's a basic HP mouse you cannot change the DPI.

    5. If the mouse is different (I am hoping it is), then your mouse cable (the point where connection is made) copper wires have been damaged. This is natural and occurs with plenty of mice that have been used often.

    6. If you don't have an old mouse, borrow one. There is no need to buy a mouse without having made sure it is the cause or solution of the problem. it would just be wasting funds and the problem would still persist if the mouse is not the problem.

    7. I would suggest getting a comfortable gaming mouse as wrist comfort is very important and you would be doing your joints a favour, as well as pwn noobs & pro's alike much better.

    8. Some suggestions:

    Roccat - Kone
    Logitech - G700 (fps)
    R.A.T. - Cyborg
    Even the Genius Gila GX series and Coolermaster (Sentinel zero-G) are good mice.

    If you are on a budget I would suggest a Canyon or something else that's really entry level but reliable. You can always buy a proper pro gaming mouse later :) for now you just need your games to work
  5. Alright well I've tried an old ps/2 mouse and the problem was still kind of there. And just so you know i'm playing on a wood surface with a mouse pad. But, I took a sheet of paper and taped it to my desk and that seems to be working a lot better. still having problems with really really small movements but for the most part it's better.
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    its the mouse, i had the SAME exact problem. either get rubbing alcohol, a q-tip and clean the laser in the mouse, then dry it, never put too much on the q-tip with alcohol, then try it, it should work, it is from the laser in the mouse having something thats blocking it, and it is dirty. if it didnt work buy a replacement.
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