Whats the best GPU out these GPUs (Gaming wise) Dual GTX 770s,Dual GTX 780s,AMD Radeon HD 7990,Dual AMD Radeon HD 7970?

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Which is the Best for Battlefield 3,Battlefield 4,Tomb Raider,Saints Row Series,Assasins Creed Series,Hitman Series,Batman Trilogy,Grand Theft Auto Series,And many more.I'm gonna be playing all types of games.But mainly i'm mainly gonnna be playing FPS,ThirdPersonGames,MMORPG,And RPG.I'm mainly gonna be playing on 2560x1080 Depending on what screen i get but i'm probably gonna get a 2560x1080 Monitor.
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  1. If you were to grab a 770 now and get a second one in the near future to SLI them (When the 700 series receives price drops), it would be your best option.
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    I'd go with the 780's in SLI, as long as CrossFire has been around it's still buggy, better performance through SLI
  3. Dual gtx780 would be the best option in terms of power, high resolution support and future proof albeit its the most pricey option as well.

    gtx770 sli would give you best bang for buck for 1920x1080 resolution
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