GTX 650 vs HD 7770 GHz Edition?

As title says:
Evga GTX 650 (Not Ti)
MSI Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition

Both are $99 (Canadian) which is a pretty good deal. However the MSI costs about $4 less for shipping, making the MSI a little more cheaper. Which one should be better?

This is most likely going to be paired with an i3 3220, FX 6300, or Phenom X4 965.
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    If you can make the price hike, the 650ti Boost offers much better value for money. You have a strong processor so pairing it with something a bit better than a 650 or 7770 makes sense.

    If not, the 7770 is the better of the two.
  2. HD 7770 is the better of the two without a doubt. Actually just purchased one for a back up PC I built from spare parts and was pleasantly surprised by how capable it is for the money.
  3. wrong thread, oops
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