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PC Speakers, $100-$200

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August 5, 2013 8:35:20 PM

So I already have a decent headset, corsair 1500's, and my dad decided he wanted his JBL PRO speakers back, so...I am speakerless.

I considered the idea of re-using some BOSE 401 floor-standing speakers we have, but they are huge, and with my desk layout(i share a desk with another PC), there would be no where to really put them, and there's no room for a receiver really, so I'm thinking I'm just going to stick with PC speakers rather than go the Home Theater Audio route.

Also, I don't really have room for a 5.1 setup either, so I'm sticking with 2.1. These speakers will be used mostly for gaming, with occasional music and movies.

So, here are two sets of speakers I was considering:

Logitech Speaker System Z623:

Corsair Gaming Audio Series SP2500:

Any thoughts on the two? The corsair looks a bit better and I'd be willing to spend the extra on it if it's worth it.

Any other sets I should consider? I've heard good about the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks...

EDIT - Forgot to add, is a sound card a good purchase to go with these, or will on-board be fine? I have on board and a really old Turtle Beach Montego DDL Wave soundcard.

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August 5, 2013 8:41:53 PM

It's a little over our budget but the Bose companion 3 speakers are pretty nice. They also don't sound boomy when the base is on full. I saw them as a demo at Costco once and ended up buying them.
August 5, 2013 8:52:42 PM

I like my bose pc speakers.
Bose® Companion® 3 Series II Multimedia Speaker System - 2.1 they were like 200 ish

Bose does make a $100 set of pc speakers that should fit your limited space.

Of your original 2 options I would go with the Corsair speakers.
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August 5, 2013 9:36:37 PM

I've heard that newer BOSE speakers are good, but severely overpriced.

But I haven't looked into these specific ones, maybe I'll see if they have them at my costco or best buy and listen to them.

Best solution

August 6, 2013 9:30:09 PM

After many more hours of research, I've decided to go with the Corsair SP2500's, and will be purchasing either an Asus Xonar DX or D1 to go with them.